Lightroom Exporting

By far the easiest way to get a correct file for competition is to set up an export preset in Adobe Lightroom

1. Open the “Export” by right clicking on an image or in the Library Module on the lower left.
2. In the right panel top half

3. “File Location” your choice.

4. “File Naming” your choice but if you don’t want to have to rename it make a preset - Click here to find out how.  I like to “add to Catalog to let LR keep track of it.
5. “Video” ignore 

6. In the middle “File Settings” - JPEG quality 100 Color space sRGB.7. “Image Sizing” Check “Sise to Fit.Important "Width &Height” W -> 1024, H -> 768 PIXELS, “Resolution” - 72 pixels per inch
7. “Metadata” Copyright Only

8. “Watermark” Unchecked - you don’t want to be disqualified.

9. “Post Processing” Your choice

10. Finally on the botom left click on “Add” and name your preset.


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